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WHAT IS PennyStocksPAYD?

First and foremost, we are a community of day traders and swing traders trading the most speculative stocks in the industry. The stocks we trade are mostly below 5.00$ but we have seen some exceptions.  We mostly focus on hyped up stocks that are on the move.  Our members range from the veteran, professional day-traders all the way to the novice investor making a few trades before heading to work.

What sets PennyStocksPAYD apart is the experience and success rate of our Chat Room, Our Trade Alerts and Almost Daily Watch List . People come to PennyStocksPAYD to learn to trade more effectively but people stay because they make money. And there is no better gauge of trading success!

We range from members that just want alerts, just want out watch lists, daytrade / swing trade with us in the chat room and want to learn to trade better.

Payd started with as little as $5,000 from student loans a few years ago and since then he has never looked back.  Above is his Trading Log Since 2010 with over $600,000 in Profits

We are in our chat room daily always scanning for new opportunities so if you cannot watch the market, no problem. We will alert you if there is one big move worth knowing about via TXT and EMAIL. Want to get a feel of the Market? Missed out being in the Chat Room? Read our daily chat log posted daily at the end of the trading day. Scan through our best setups we can find as easy as one, two, three thru our almost daily watch lists and maximize your profit. Test, and back test our strategy and listen to our thoughts on a particular security until you are comfortable using your own money.  Learn More

We do issue out our compensation free stock picks free to you by being part of our newsletter do not forget to sign up below and ofcourse they have all been big winners just scroll through our blog posts below.  

Many companies have tried to have us promote their company but we have refused and we will never accept compensation for any of our securities mentioned on our site, watchlist or alerts. This site is compensation free for we will never betray our members trust.

PennyStocksPAYD SmallCap Microcap Swing Trading

So Far So Good - Up $90,000 In March 2015

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 09:46

Untitled 1

Life is good.... keeps me quite busy... you can subscribe here

March month been treating me well, can't complain much...

You can see my trading log here

Market has been wild and I enjoy it :)))

Probably I will make more in April - but these were my trades

This Is What Girls Have To Deal With If They Are Planning To Date PAYD

Sunday, 15 March 2015 18:52

Untitled 1

Welcome To The Future Where Yourself Is All You Need – Where Society Is Headed

Top Reasons I Need A Girlfriend

1. Sex (already can get that anyway of the week)
2. Dishes / Laundry / Cook (I already have people that do all that - and I cook for myself everyday)
3. Traveling ( I have been traveling by myself and I have been doing just fine)
4. Drinking buddy (I have that don’t really need that – you can find that anywhere)
5. Emotional connection (what for? Get a dog )
6. Someone to depend on (myself that should be enough-why do I need to depend on somebody?)
7. You will be alone all your life (actually being alone is really awesome have you tried meditation? you don’t really need anything more really than just yourself)
8. It will be cheaper ( I already can afford to pay for me and all of her shit - what do I need her for – it will actually be more expensive for me to start something with her )
9. Companionship – you can actually rent it, by the hour or even day – I can actually pick whichever type of woman I want (kind, mean, soft, hard, bulgarian, romanian, italian you name it, it exists )
10. Love ? ( is it? Or is it lust ? or is it a line of cocaine – never tried it – that pushes impulses in your brain for a few minutes or hours )
11. Trust ? ( in this age and place there is no trust, there probably will never be as long as people are poor and wars between countries are going on )
12. Help when you are down and you are up ( ok family does that – mother or so – you expect me to think that I need that because it might not exist somewhere in the future – nobody helped me when I was down / nobody helps me when I am up – and nobody can and nobody will – only him himself has the power to pick himself up off the floor and help himself reach higher when he is up – only I have that power – I am the master of my own destiny )
13. You work so hard in finding this person after a while it’s not the fact that you got tired of searching, because we never really do, it’s the fact that you never needed it to begin with, and what you were looking for was just… a ghost that does not exist …
14. You work so hard of putting yourself together reaching the highest mountain in all chapters of your life just so you will attract the best opposite self – and you do this unconsciously and you realize all this work was not worth it, to get this person, it was worth the experience but not for the person because this person doesn’t exist lol
15. Kids... I can adopt lol.

The question remains, where do you fit in this story future girlfriend, I am still trying to figure that out… or maybe you did the same thing as I did, now that is something interesting worth discussing lol …

Have No Fear - Hall Of Fame For The Last 3 Weeks Is Here - Up $40,000 And I Am Not Even Getting Settled Yet

Sunday, 15 March 2015 16:29

Untitled 1

We are trading ... that's what it feels like LOL I made $40,000 since I last posted a blog post and honestly I don\t want to post blog posts I have better things with my time... LOL....

Between doing the bangathron at the red light district in amsterdam and exotic dancers and massages... man I enjoy my life no doubt about it....

I have been wasted every single weekend from friday to sundown lol - and I can't complain much money is good

Who needs a girlfriend really? And what for? hahahaah

Trading Log Copy Here

Here are my top trades since I posted a blog post about trades

Bought .20s sold a little too soon went to .30s hahaha 50% gain - made 8k or so on this

Bought .082s went to .20s hahaha a double and then some - made 10k or so on this

Bought .047s went to .047s went to .07s haha 80% or so gain but made only a grand or two on this LOL

Bought .165 sold .19s haha.. got in late but with size sold all on the gapper nice one - made 7k on this

Bought .13s sold .18s haha.. still holding .15s core for TLPY made about 7k on this LOL !

You can see detailed videos on all my tradelog trades by going to my Youtube channel here

You can always subscribe here... if you want to make money.. I don't really need the money but thanks I will be more than happy to have you as a member.

Amsterdam If You Can Pick The Good and Ignore the bad - You A.O.K. - My Review Trading From Here For 2 Weeks

Thursday, 05 March 2015 17:45

Untitled 1

Well this is not my first time here, probably my 5th time and I finally broke it down to the pros and cons...
Took me a while to fully understand this place and here it goes...

After 2 weeks here again this is what I have to say...


-The food is just awesome, I mean you can buy everything healthy, fruit, sandwiches, coffee, fish, chesse, wine, everything top knotch just the way I like it
- People are quite in shape - They take care of their body I hardly see anybody fat or overweight
- Fashion is very SEXUAL - I mean this is the place where you stop to get in for the latest SEXUAL fashion - Jacket, Pants, Shoes, You name it, they got it - Everything has european taste - with class from the highest name brands to the midium
- Women at the red light - my god every single time I am in a different mood I can find some chick to satisfy my emotion or my feelings for that day - it is just an easy fix - - Beer is just awesome, wine, coffee shops, for people that smoke it is great - I don't so I am good - but it is good for those who smoke marijuana
- It is clean - probably the best train and tram station you will find- It is a very nice place to stop by yearly and get updated with the trend - just awesome


- there are alot of low lives trying to feed off the tourists- people are quite materialistic I mean they like nice stuff they like it this way and they will always like stuff - you are unlikely going to find love but you will satisfy all your materialistic needs, from food, to clothes, to accesories, to wine, to women, you want it they have it
- whatever you do, do not tell your life story to anybody you meet - keep it simple straight to the point
- do not try to pick up a girl at the bar or try anything of that matter - you are in for a quick in and out
- do not give any extra information about yourself - nothing keep everything to a minimal
- things are quite expencive I mean they have it but the bills ad up be sure you have your wallet ready for some good spending
- it is quite cold sometimes in the winter - be ready to bring your jacket, gloves, scarf and get moving cause its cold
- under no circumstance buy local drugs from some dealer on the street - do not make any eye contact with them just walk away and they will leave you alone


Breakout Pattern Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG) - Double Bottom Chart Medbox, Inc. (MDBX)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 06:13

Untitled 1

Possible a dime maybe more from $ECIG possible it follows in $FITX footsteps

MDBX Medbox, Inc Possible double bottom - I am looking $2 range maybe more

Disclosure:  I alerted to subscribers and I am long both MDBX Medbox Inc and ECIG Electronic CIgarettes International


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