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WHAT IS PennyStocksPAYD?

First and foremost, we are a community of day traders and swing traders trading the most speculative stocks in the industry. The stocks we trade are mostly below 5.00$ but we have seen some exceptions.  We mostly focus on hyped up stocks that are on the move.  Our members range from the veteran, professional day-traders all the way to the novice investor making a few trades before heading to work.

What sets PennyStocksPAYD apart is the experience and success rate of our Chat Room, Our Trade Alerts and Almost Daily Watch List . People come to PennyStocksPAYD to learn to trade more effectively but people stay because they make money. And there is no better gauge of trading success!

We range from members that just want alerts, just want out watch lists, daytrade / swing trade with us in the chat room and want to learn to trade better.

Payd started with as little as $5,000 from student loans a few years ago and since then he has never looked back.  Above is his Trading Log Since 2010 with over $600,000 in Profits

We are in our chat room daily always scanning for new opportunities so if you cannot watch the market, no problem. We will alert you if there is one big move worth knowing about via TXT and EMAIL. Want to get a feel of the Market? Missed out being in the Chat Room? Read our daily chat log posted daily at the end of the trading day. Scan through our best setups we can find as easy as one, two, three thru our almost daily watch lists and maximize your profit. Test, and back test our strategy and listen to our thoughts on a particular security until you are comfortable using your own money.  Learn More

We do issue out our compensation free stock picks free to you by being part of our newsletter do not forget to sign up below and ofcourse they have all been big winners just scroll through our blog posts below.  

Many companies have tried to have us promote their company but we have refused and we will never accept compensation for any of our securities mentioned on our site, watchlist or alerts. This site is compensation free for we will never betray our members trust.

PennyStocksPAYD SmallCap Microcap Swing Trading

Sailing Away To See The World - Payd On Vacation

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 17:53

Everything is all set, I will be leaving tomorrow to Miami

to enjoy a nice resort before I am doing the over the Atlantic back to Europe cruise.

Where am I going this year for Summer??

I will be seeing Portugal and Spain on this trip across the Atlantic on a cruise - on Royal Cruises - 12 days

Then Japan for a whole month... South Korea, Russia and Taiwan too - On Princess Cruises - 28 days

Then maybe North Europe... Norway Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Belgium and London - On Royal Carribean Cruises - 13 days

Then back to the states.. seeing Ireland, Boston, New London, and New York - Again on Princess Cruises - 12 days

Total of 65 days of cruising !! LOL !!!

My life is NUTS ! I will make lots of videos !!!

I will be back in July 2014 !!! So we are starting back up in August 1st 2014 more likely !!

It seems like a dream, but I guess I am doing it baby!!

Ceb is going to be taking over the daily watchlist for the time I will be in vacation.

You can read about his story here

He said he will tweet the daily watchlists and setups on his twitter feed.

P.S. How did you get 43,100 followers ceb?

He will also be in the chatroom doing his thing.

My story is great, I am about to go cruise the world... heh...

Also the lifetime membership sale is ending on April 30th 2014 at midnight

You have only a few more days left to take advantage of $999.95 lifetime membership before I will be raising it to $1,499.

Also if you want to join Ceb and others in the chatroom you do so...

I am giving a 3 Month Chat Access and Site Access for $99.95 while I am gone.

You can do your thing and learn the ins and outs before were back at it in season mode.

You can do so here

Everything seems fine guys, ask ceb for any questions you might have in the chat.

Vacation is going to be AWESOME!

And long too....

But I earned it.

Meet Success Story Ceb - New Chat Room Moderator

Monday, 28 April 2014 10:43

Untitled 1

Meet Ceb2120 ! Real Picture of him !

He started trading and joined PennyStocksPAYD in 2010.

He has been trading for over 4 years in the otcbb market daily

Ceb's story is quite similar to most traders:

Started with 2k lost it all in 3 months... then put in 3k almost losted it all...

Then found your chat and put in my last 5k and basiclly took off from there... learned the ropes of trading and now im starting to help others find winners as well working his way up of having his first $100,000 in profits this year.

Didn't really start making money till 2012, when I found my style of trading momos, 52 week breakouts and bottom bouncers were my most profitable ways to trade.. now i'm making consistent gains.

He is now working on his way of making his first $100,000 for this year in profits he is 3/4s of the way there, and he started trading this year with just $5,000 !!!

This guy is a SuperSTAR and he doesn't even know it yet !!

Ceb will be running PennyStocksPAYD chatroom while I am gone, he is the chat moderator.

You can follow him on Twitter for he will be posting daily watchlists as well as intraday plays of what is going on in the chatroom.

New Twitter Name Plus Updated Profits April Month

Friday, 25 April 2014 11:55

April Month has been Wild, I have been staring at this computer monitor till my eyeballs are bleeding.


But the money has been AWESOME !!

My trading log has been updated for all my trades in April 2014.

I made $65,000 for April 2014 or $260,000 for the 2014 Year.

I have a new twitter name to welcome my move to Hawaii in the following months.

I am also running the following specials on my site for the months of May-June, I will be back in July 2014.

1. Get chat and web access to my site for 2- 2 1/2 months until I come back from my vacation for $99.95.

2. Also lifetime membership will be going up 50% to $1,499 in 5 days as of May 1st 2014.

Also Ceb is going to be running PennyStocksPAYD chatroom for the time I am gone, May-June 2014. 
Ceb is a few thousand short of making his first $100,000, JUST FOR THIS YEAR and I believe he can do it.

1.  You can follow him on twitter he posts watchlists everynight,

2.    He will be in chat for the time being

It has been a wild ride and it is probably time to reward yourselves first.


2 Weeks Till Vacation / My Japan Vacation / Lifetime Membership Increasing May 1 2014/ I am up $230,000 For 2014 / What a Life...

Sunday, 13 April 2014 10:42

Untitled 1

2 More weeks untill my Cruising Over the Atlantic Vacation and then JAPAN.  I have a 30 day cruise there in June.

I will be taking a 2 Month Vacation from May 1st - July 1st.  2 Months Vacation? WHAT !?!?

And I do want to climb Mount Fuji in Japan, fromt the picture above, not the Bento Sushi Roll LOL, the actual mountain.

Family time is needed, Gym time is needed, Relaxation time is needed, Visiting Japan is needed.  This is not bad, work 3 months a year then take another vacation.  My life is really AWESOME !!

Ofcourse everybody should know that people have been banking on this website.  I mean this is ludacris.  Over and over I do the same damn thing and money shows up on my bank account.

Here are what some subscribers have said so far in the last few weeks:

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

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Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Ohh yes I am in Amsterdam, this is my motivational speach to sleep with more than 5 girls in one week.  This is my third time here.. Each time I could never beat this number. But this time I think I CAN !! LOL!! I am working hard on it.

I NEED MORE ..... aaaa... Hormones!! get together now Mr Jizz... WE CAN DO IT !!! INCH BY INCH !! hahahahahahahah

And more energy for trading... PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSHHHH !!!

My boys down there are tired of having sex, and my brain is tired of trading ! LOL !!!

I am up about $33,327 this month and $227,914.90 on the year LOL!. 

Not bad not bad at all.  LOL I am humble about it too like it is no big deal ! LOL

Ohhh yeah... I will be in Hawaii by August 2014.  I have to settle my vacation / permanent base there in Hawaii.....

Sheshhh sooo much to do in this life ....

P.S.  Lifetime Membership I will be raising it to $1,500 starting May 1st 2014 as my sail away prezent.  So, if you made money load up.  I gave 1 month notice for this vacation so there is no reason for you not knowing about it. 

We are starting back up trading in July, pay yourself first and enjoy the time off.  The chatroom will be open, many plays will be there while I am gone.


Bad News - I am $870.60 Short of $100,000 in Profits For The Month Of March 2014 !!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014 09:00

Untitled 1

Damn.  I am short of $870.60 short of making $100,000 Profit in 30 Days for the month of March 2014.

I can't believe this.  Please loan me $870.60 in a trade of yours so I can say this is the first month in my entire life I have made 6 digits.

WoWsaaaaaaaa !!

What can I buy with a $100,000 ?

A Maserati?

Lamborghini Gallardo?

Ferrari F431 ?

Audi R8?

Aston martin V& Vantage Roadster?

Which one would you pick?

Media preview

I have been slammmmmmed and slaaaaaaameed.. I am sipping caugh sirup, red bull, antibiotics, trying to get myself together again.  I am suffering from trading exhaustion.

I have been doing this lately every single time I was buying something and seeing it go to the moon... Here is a nice video of me below:

Here are a few reviews my subscribers gave me...

Media preview

Media preview

$4,200 PROFIT !

Media preview

$40,000 PROFIT !!

Media preview

Media preview

Michael up $31,858 in Profit in CBGI !! and here is his Testimonial above !!

Media preview

Ceb is up 336.75% in UTRM !!!

Media preview

Media preview

People were going like this all week...

Media preview

Here are a few things tha happened last week:

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

Media preview

College drop out?  No problem !

Media preview

Anyway, here is a story similar to mine...


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