Vincent $100,000 Proft

My name is Vincent W. also known in chat by desertmod I was able to make $100,000 of PAYD's Calls thru-out a 2 year time period - proof his system does work. Thanks PAYD!

Eric Up Over $75,000

Meet Eric - He went from $2,500 to over $78,000 in just 2 weeks.  Here is his interview.

krystian up $25,000 In One Trade!

Success Story


As it states outstanding. My first day, I got to see a 60% call and I was impressed. No if's and's or But's. Now I'm not the type of person to hit the ground running. I'm going to do my DD no matter what. And I was turned on to Payd's site by a family member who uses it. 
Here is what I gathered from just that day. Do not front run payd. If he says out, get out. Don't sit there and argue with him and IMO it is better to be safe then wrong. 
If you think you are going to do this off of email and texts. Your Wrong! Stay in chat, this is where the up to the second information comes from. Chances are if you play it by email, you will get in to late. 
Don't argue with the guy. It's his room and he's making YOU money. Seriously! Ask questions but don't be a an idiot. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS BEING SAID AND PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, IT'S YOUR MONEY! 
All in all I'm very impressed so far! 


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