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Good day overall - lots of people made some money today

DNRG just awesome we have done well with this one - see this blog post some people think .20s but this remains to be seen

AREN still would like to see if this pump and dump will break .80s big volume sooo its likely going to fade my guess

AVXL Anavex Life Sciences penny stock - it has been a short all day long... stillw atching for red / green move - they are trying to squeeze all the shorts attempting to breakout with no luck

IMUN Immune Therapeutics Inc - I would like to see this above .30sh potential buy

TPIV Tapimmune Inc - a few of you are long this penny stock - but judging by the volume it doesn't give me much of a hope for any type of bounce - I will consider watching it - BREAKOUTS and SHORTING - bounces don't work that well these days

XOMA Corp - for some reason I like this $1 roll break - potential buy - some of the biggest moves happen when stocks break $1
Best Penny Stocks - Top Penny Stocks - August 2015

Motivation motivation - flying is fun I always love flying !


DNRG Dominovas Energy Corp - long on this one in the low .10s range... possible .15s? It would be nice subscribers are banked on this

CTIX Cellceutix Corp - great bounce on this - a few of you bought it at open and red/green move... spiked to $2.50 - just a killer money maker

AQXP - killer move from 2.50 up to 11s - probably a short now - I don't think it has more room from here but remains to be seen

COTE Coates International - still a nice long - still waiting for the penny cross - Its been very stubborn and sideways for the last 3 days

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Motivational picture of today - I know I know - I love the laptop too !

CTIX Cellceutix Corp. (OTC) - potential buy I am sure this stock will be in play

AVXL Anavex Life Sceinces - its been going sideways if you haven't noticed.... there is no way to play it yet - I hope it fades but I am somewhat amazed it is still holding up

AREN pump and dump stays on radar - I think its a short... but for some reason it keeps holding up its gains

COTE Coates International Ltd - I like this one when/if it breaks a penny - doesn't look like it so far hah

NYMX still interested to see if this 13EMA will hold - remains to be seen
Buy Penny Stocks - Best Penny Stocks August - Learn To Trade Penny Stocks August 2015

motivation motivation montivation - this my friends is Calimera Italy !

COTE Coates International - this my friends is a potential reversal any day now

AVXL Anavex Life Sciences impressive pick for the stock - I am not sure how and why this stock held green on the day but so far it looks bullish

AREN pump stays on scans amazingly is holding

WNDW - nice reversal off the 2.50 lows  nice call from yesterdays scan

How To Trade Penny Stocks - Penny Stock Alerts August 2015


Looking good here - this article on the best biotech in the world right now

COTE Coates International Ltd - still would like to see this red/green move - potential reversal

WNDW SoladWindow Technologies Inc - nice short - would like to see reversal of red/green move

AREN - nice pump going on here - see my article on this penny stock pump


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