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Best Penny Stocks - Top Penny Stocks - August 2015

Motivation motivation - flying is fun I always love flying !


DNRG Dominovas Energy Corp - long on this one in the low .10s range... possible .15s? It would be nice subscribers are banked on this

CTIX Cellceutix Corp - great bounce on this - a few of you bought it at open and red/green move... spiked to $2.50 - just a killer money maker

AQXP - killer move from 2.50 up to 11s - probably a short now - I don't think it has more room from here but remains to be seen

COTE Coates International - still a nice long - still waiting for the penny cross - Its been very stubborn and sideways for the last 3 days

Learn To Trade Penny Stocks - Best Penny Stocks August 2015

Motivational picture of today - I know I know - I love the laptop too !

CTIX Cellceutix Corp. (OTC) - potential buy I am sure this stock will be in play

AVXL Anavex Life Sceinces - its been going sideways if you haven't noticed.... there is no way to play it yet - I hope it fades but I am somewhat amazed it is still holding up

AREN pump and dump stays on radar - I think its a short... but for some reason it keeps holding up its gains

COTE Coates International Ltd - I like this one when/if it breaks a penny - doesn't look like it so far hah

NYMX still interested to see if this 13EMA will hold - remains to be seen
Buy Penny Stocks - Best Penny Stocks August - Learn To Trade Penny Stocks August 2015

motivation motivation montivation - this my friends is Calimera Italy !

COTE Coates International - this my friends is a potential reversal any day now

AVXL Anavex Life Sciences impressive pick for the stock - I am not sure how and why this stock held green on the day but so far it looks bullish

AREN pump stays on scans amazingly is holding

WNDW - nice reversal off the 2.50 lows  nice call from yesterdays scan

How To Trade Penny Stocks - Penny Stock Alerts August 2015


Looking good here - this article on the best biotech in the world right now

COTE Coates International Ltd - still would like to see this red/green move - potential reversal

WNDW SoladWindow Technologies Inc - nice short - would like to see reversal of red/green move

AREN - nice pump going on here - see my article on this penny stock pump


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