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I Have Been Cruising The Whole World and Trading Penny Stocks - Some Of The Best Penny Stock Setups For July

Here is some motivation - I posted my Japan Cruise Pictures - Some and many others.... ok moving on {josociallocker}

MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc (OTC) I Have some shares long - bought some - I am thinking another green day we shall see

AVXL Anavex Life Science - We nailed this one for the .75 bounce bounced to .83 good job nicolas and beau on the short and the long - just a big money maker - I am thinking .60s or so before any bounce at all - we shall continue to watch it

AREN surprise surprise - it keeps moving from the Friday scan it has been almost a 50% move from the .28s from where I called it in the scans

RBCC Rainbow Coral Corp - I am hoping for a reversal - red/green move potential bounce.. I like the candle it had today

Anavex Life Sciences Corp Best Penny Stock Breakout Explained - Plus Tons More Others

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Very nice indeed congrats to all subscribers - this has been a nice buy alert moving on to todays watchlist of July 28 2015



AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp was the best performing stock overall - impressive congrats to all those that watched my educational video early in the morning

NTEK NanoTech Entertainment one of the best setups breakouts besides AVXL I love how it broke the daily resistance - sadly I did miss it

COTE Coates International Ltd. (OTC) still would like to see if this can continue loving the penny break - volume inching back up again... would like to still keep it on radar


Top Penny Stocks To Watch July 27 2015 - Best Trading Setups

Let's start another week about stock trading and online trading, of July 27 2015 these are some of the Top Best Penny Stocks to watch for this week


AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp (OTC) been a top mover overall pulling in more than $8,000,000 in dollar volume something worth noticing - quite impressive - it that they are squeezing the shorts based on what I am seeing here

IGEX Indo Global Exchange(s) Ple. Ltd (OTC) did a nice move here to .0026 pulling in $250,000 in dollar volume - had a nice close this might continue - it barely made my watchlist but - judging by the dollar volume seems worth watching for now

RBCC Rainbow Coral Corp (OTC) seems to amaze and impress all those that are long yet I expect the end to be near

AREN keeps moving north from Thursday night - Friday's watchlist scan - pulling in $1,000,000 in dollar volume ... had a nice close this might continue also - congrats those that bought

MCPIQ Molycorp Inc (OTC) amazingly enough this thing moved from my radar finally broke .14s closing .1425 nice ! still slow for my taste but impressive

KIRI Kirin INternational Holdings Inc (OTC) still would like to keep this on radar just in case it breaks 1.75 and shoots for $2.00 magnet and above - this can move quick sooooo its worth watching

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