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World Best Pump And Dump Rainbow Coral Corp OTC RBCC

Water is fine... Hanging loose still looking here for the best penny stocks into tomorrow !! No worries, no rush !!

Market lacking liquidity - I hardly look at those under $300,000 dollar volume

RBCC Rainbow Coral Corp OTC looks like a pump and dump stock promotion as far as I am seeing - probably going to freefall soon - this is probably #1 stock out there to short sell

It has been promoted in 2012 by the following newsletters OTC Pick News sooooo its a PUMP AND DUMP going to the moon - the end coming soon

TPIV Tapimmune Inc. (OTC) is another stock I have been watching for a bounce - today was its first green day - congrats to those that kept watching it - I am preaty sure it will have another green day tomorrow - or have an even stop loss and get out - this is more of a technical bounce

AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (OTC) you can see how this stock has been getting alot of resistance and not going up too much - I mean it is slowly getting topish as far as I am seeing... there is no FULL GREEN DAY OUT OF THIS - I am short bias if any

OGEN Orgenecs Inc. (NYSE) I like this one for the $2.00 cross but its a nasdaq so you have to be extra careful with it - it does have a up trending wedge similar to KIRI from the day before

AREN America Resources Exploration had its first day of about $300,000 soooo who knows who pumped this up - its an exploration company that raised $200,000 - not a pump but, judging by the close here it looks like its going to gap and run... Remember DNRG Dominovas Energy Corporation it had about 2-3 green days and this AREN is looking very similar - soooo the strategy would of been here to buy it into the close and sell on the gap tomorrow - at least thats what I think it is... I have no position I just found it


Okkk what we are trying to do here is transforming from the Etrade baby above to the etrade baby below. 
As you can see that the baby bellow does not have a cat nor does he does have a plastic cup next to him.... So we will have to give some stuff away....

ok.... Now back to trading ... enough jokes for today....

Yes the Goat is getting me motivated - It's all danbilzerian problem - he is getting me hooked on goats !!

Okkk enough goats !!

KIRI is the best looking thing out there from all the things I missed but the volume is soooo high I think its the top - so forget it but I will watch it just in case it gets moving... its a POS for now (I smell that they are selling)

AVXL is overbought they sold 13 millions shares - I had to break the happy feelings that this will go to infinity and beyond but it looks like today might be the end ... sure it could go higher a bit but it woudn't surprise me if it went red on the day.... but I will keep it on radar just in case - if you look at every single chart that did a breakout today everything is overbought.... soooo I am more excited about the goat than I am with trading ... moving on... (I smell they are selling)


TRLR now this his my scanner - I am pretty sure its not worth bragging or being excited about but when I see things progressing from a .0001 to .0017 I will like to keep it on radar... its still illquid but I am going to put on scan just in case

Untitled 1

NTEK some guys are long on this in the .09s possible dime and higher potential long

KIRI the stock that give me and some other guys in the chatroom and *excitement* - possible 1.50 cross and a 1.80 break

MCPIQ did break .13s soooooo higher?

LOCK still would like to see how this plays out maybe there will be a few dollars out of this one

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FNMA Fannie Mae possible 2.50 break here it had an awesome close soooo I will be excited if this gets moving

GEQU I admit - it is a pos - high spread and trades fairly with little volume.. but a breakout is a breakout... this can continue into tomorrow chart is BULLISH - B U L L I S H !|

AVXL remember my blog post on HJOE ... this chart is starting to look identical once .55 passes

HEMP great move here ... I am thinking it will sell off ... look at the 80 million dollar volume the end is near ! - sell the gap please whoever is long in the chatroom

MCPIQ still watching the .13s break once this breaks .15s is coming

DNRG had a nice move today watch for the dime cross and possible back up move - hopefully it does but I am uncertain - still worth watching


THCZ I am long on this over the weekend thinking it will pass .15s and run a bit in the morning - I will likely book a profit on any gap we get tomorrow

COTE is probably going to run tomorrow I am thinking it going to rbeak .0070s and run.... this is my #1 stock for tomorrow as a potential buy

MCPIQ I have a subscriber long on this from the the .09s I still would like to see it break .13s just in case keeping it on scan

AVXL probably not going to buy it unless it breaks .55 but this can breakout via HKUP style soooo I will keep it on radar just in case

PPCH watching for a bounce potential 5 red days sooo weshall see I would like to see this bounce next week probably at the end of the week I am thinking

BTCS would like to see this bounce next week also - will keep an eye on it it... I like how the volume increased each day

LOGG its a short I am pretty sure it won't go much higher than this

GEQU I would like to see this breakout .0050-.0055 range.. big resistance there .  Still illiquid but they are trying to get it to breakout


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