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THCZ I am long on this over the weekend thinking it will pass .15s and run a bit in the morning - I will likely book a profit on any gap we get tomorrow

COTE is probably going to run tomorrow I am thinking it going to rbeak .0070s and run.... this is my #1 stock for tomorrow as a potential buy

MCPIQ I have a subscriber long on this from the the .09s I still would like to see it break .13s just in case keeping it on scan

AVXL probably not going to buy it unless it breaks .55 but this can breakout via HKUP style soooo I will keep it on radar just in case

PPCH watching for a bounce potential 5 red days sooo weshall see I would like to see this bounce next week probably at the end of the week I am thinking

BTCS would like to see this bounce next week also - will keep an eye on it it... I like how the volume increased each day

LOGG its a short I am pretty sure it won't go much higher than this

GEQU I would like to see this breakout .0050-.0055 range.. big resistance there .  Still illiquid but they are trying to get it to breakout

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ARTH impressive move here - might continue

PPCH watching red/green move for potential bounce

PTNR impressive gapper each and everyday want to see how this can continue nice chart

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DNRG great call in the chatroom as it was breaking intraday - probably higher tomorrow had a nice close .088-.092 range so near it highs

SIXD still wonder if this will ever bounce .. I tried to play it in the 6 range got out for even - potential buy if it ever decides to go back over 6sh - this has been a stock promotiong turnt sour soooooo usually they dont bounce but just in case

PUGE still going ! to my amazement .. Hah!

MCPIQ it died today still watching if ever gets over the .13s mark.. big resistance there

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MCPIQ finally it moved nice .123 close probably much higher - it reminds me of RSHCQ

MDBX nice .15s close yesterday high could be the start of a reversal

GEQU nice .0051 close - this can continue ofcourse over .0055s where major resistance has been

PUGE been watching this one - amazingly it is still holding sooo watching

NUGN would like to see this bounce soon... not sure... the volume is not here yet ... but I think it is safe to say that the bounce place will be under $2 or around $1 or so

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LOGG seems to just broke the key .40 mark - a day or two more I think its a short


NUGN been a short for a while now congrats to those holding should death drop soon

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AVXL been struggling to break those .52-.54 range - it is quite slow - I will be quite happy if things speed up

WTER broke the key of .15s I am still wondering if this will continue

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TPIV I nailed this bouncer before a month ago from this article on my blog site here sooo I am still wondering where the reversal would be seems to be selling off

MDBX lots of people expect MDBX to be reversing here or these days sooo going to keep it on radar


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