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Trading in summer penny stocks is similar to this video above --- YOU HAVE TO BE PERFECT !

But dont worry if you manage to survive during the good times you will make millions in the good days


TSOI we are being bombarded by one hit wonders see DRMC yesterday- they go up 500% then they sell off - sure you might say I will catch the next one right out of the gate and sell before the 500% move but it doesn't work like that - there were at least 3-5 others with news and you dont know what news matter and what news don't - the sad part about playing these kind of plays is unless you loose money on them you will never learn - I think it will selloff but I will keep it on radar just in case - but this is a good lesson for all you greedy people thinking you can turn $1,000 into $3,000 or $5,000 - it is possible but I recommend start buying penny stocks and settling for 10-20% gains (which will be hard for most of you trying to become rich quick)

But the good part is that we did call this perfectly during open in the chatroom so sure I guess you could of been that guy that bought .0036s and sold .023s that many services claim that can provide you with that luxury (pure bullcrap ) - you want to see what news matter and what news don't - it can be the most kickass news in the world that the president is coming and nobody cares actually it drops -90%

P.S. chances of you being that guy that turned $1,500 into $3,000,000 is slim to none --- so get ready to take 10-20% gains and enjoy your time here trading penny stocks while having a patience of steel and nerves that will never break

THNS just an awesome call in this in the chat for the 0.0060s break (yesterdays high) - I did notice this one early but I didn't think much of it - it is probably going to fade from here judging by the 60 million huge volume on 61% move - hit a high of .0080s sooo sell the POS and say NEXT !

HJOE I have this on radar just now as I am seeing a daily breakout of .0044s - will I buy it ? probably not but I will watch it just in case it gets ready for another move - it would be interesting

NVAX this is the most bullish stock I found in the nasdaq family - I am thinking to buy some aaaaaaa under 11.5s if it pulls back ... look at that huge volume I am 80% sure it will pullback its quite sad but judging by the uptrending wedge pattern this is the best thing I got out of the nasdaq family so far

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Actually I just sat out and watched what was going on today - didn't make a trade - sold most of my longs

I have been watching the .09s break daily breakout possible .10s into tomorrow sexy chart here

HEMP been watching for the .013s break possible bounce - I dont think too much of it - the thing is slow

DRMC was a great call at the open - stock went crazy from .0020s up to .0080 in just an hour - congrats for those that daytraded it real quick - sadly it didn't hold gains and doesn't look like a green day coming tomorrow

NTIP everything in nasdaq was getting shorted right at the open market -240 points sooooo shorts been owning the market so far


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AVXL great follow thru - I did mention it might dip to .47s right on the dot - hit .474s then right back up possible .55-.60s into tomorrow for sure

MDBX great follow thru from yesterdays scan ... a bunch of people were long .2s hit .3s today !! congrats congrats --- not sure if there is any follow thru I think a fader but just in case it does some sideways I will buy the breakout

NUGN the pump that keeps going still unreal at this point.... I would like to buy it if it ever gets over 4 but highly doubt it ... short bias if you can find shares anywhere

Overall market - seriosly now -250 in the day from 17,700 down to 17,500 and now we finished about 50-100 points higher ... Quick question ? WTF IS GOING ON?!?! 


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AVXL I have been watching this one for a .50sh break possible .55-.60 range and a super spike - this is the best thing out there so far 

SGYP I like this one for a over $10 push - possible higher - I had some 9.45s and sold 9.46 for a penny profit

AXMM I had this one on watch all day today and we called it perfectly in the .02 range this morning to an over .055 move.. congrats everybody

SGYP Is The Best Stock For Penny Stock Traders In The World For Investing And Going Long For I Am The Best Guru The World Has Ever Seen

SGYP Synergy Pharmaceuticals - is doing a 52 week breakout of 9.52,

Although slow, I do believe it is quite possible we see this over $10 range into next week

Happy Early 4th of July everybody !

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