Free Pick $BITCF Hit 0.85 up 250% From Alert!!

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My FREE Pick Friday is BITCF from a few days ago email in the 32 cents today hit a high of .85 cents

This is what I am talking about !!

Almost 3 times your money from alert !!

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Something  just like BITCF is not better !!

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My FREE Pick Friday is BITCF

BITCF is experiencing a technical breakout of 30 cents

Currently trading at .34 cents I believe it is quite possible we going to get into the .50 cents mark on Monday if not higher

The current pattern after a breakout is 4-5 green days, right now we are on the 3rd and possible to supersqueeze into next week!!

I would also like to compare this chart to IMLFF - considering this is the same sector --- please take a look how IMLFF performed after the breakout of .38 cents - hit about a high of .70 cents

I believe BITCF will do possible the same thing

Please keep in mind I am long BITCF at around .34 cents and I plan on selling my shares on the open market next week on Monday!

Happy Trading!

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