How To Make $45,000 In A Few Hours Step By Step Guide In FNMA Fannie Mae and FMCC Federal Home Ln Mtg Corp

How to bank $44,000 in just a few hours in FNMA Federal Natl Mtg Assn or FMCC Federal Home Ln Mtg Corp.  Above are a couple of screen shots of the type of alerts we have here at PennyStocksPAYD

I shorted FMCC just before it went red on the day 4.09 10,000 shares.  Covered 2.13 for +$19,000

I bought in my Etrade account 20,000 shares 2.02 average for the intraday bounce and sold 2.98 giving me another +$19,170.03 after fees.

After I did that I didn't stop there, I shorted it once again for the late afternoon fade 10,000 shares FMCC 3.27 and covered 2.70 plus another $6,000 woahhh. 

Unreal !!

It has been a monster day for me and a $44,000 day for me probably my biggest day yet as this date.  All trades posted via Trading Log

I made a screen shot of the alerts an the trades that I did above with times an everything.  Interactive Brokers has 2,200,000 shares to short FMCC so there is no reason to miss these kinds of plays.

Study the videos below an you will see what I mean.  Again congrats to everybody I think nsppacc mae over $100,000 on FNMA ... Shewwwwwwwwwww

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