I Am Up $89,958 For The Month Of February

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Sheshhhhh.... Never thoguht trading would be like this but I made some serious coin for the last month...

I don't know market has been HOT HOT HOT soooo I got to take the trades.

The truth is I am so tired that I don't even want to do a video about each trade, nor I have anything to prove to you guys, nor I need another subscription under my belt.

All my trades have been legit alerted thru: EMAIL, TEXT and CHAT plus I made a crap load of coin along with it, for me and those that subscribed.

I have been attracting some serious jealousy out there, for where I am and where planning to do and to be few years from now. The truth is, thank you, for being who you are, you are the reason I am so good, because you are the ones constantly questioning all my plays, up until I said F IT, I got this s**t... and I have $87,958 in profits to prove it for this month.

There are alot of people in chat and watching my alerts and watchlist making just as much if not more of what I am making. Thank you guys for your constant support and keeping me in check to not screw up, with my money and yours. I thank you all for the help and support along the good times and bad.

And those in the chat, constantly giving me plays, just the way I want them, I thank you, you know who you are, nsspacc, cebb, jake, to name a few and many others that are in the grind each and everyday, and many more that are just learning this stuff.

If you think $87,958 in profits is alot of money in a month, wait till a year from now where this may seem like pocket change.

Let the good times roll, and yes I am saying this in a humble state of mind.

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