I Don't Sell Worthless Newsletters I Sell You Stock Picks On A 1 Million Dollars Trading Account Quest

1 Million Dollars. Yes that is what I want in this lifetime. I am not doing it for the money, because I already know what money feels like. I am most likely doing it for the feeling of "Hey I want to feel like a million bucks". Will I do it? Sure I will. That is what I am aiming for.

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post probably because I am trading and doing watchlists and having a life. I am not selling you a newsletter, I am selling you stock picks. I have a very good track record and I post all my trades via Trading Log. I wish I met somebody like me when I first started trading but guess what, I became what I wanted in somebody else.

The last blog post was about SRGE. Man there has been so much since SRGE I cannot even start to explain. I am busy. In my late 20s, almost 30s lol, doing what I love, I don't have time to tell you the truth to try to lure you into a subscription. Actually I wish I was a lifelong subscriber of my own newsletter if I started this a few years ago. Let me put you up to speed of what happened in the last couple of weeks.

SYNC loaded this one in the 5.15s range went to a high of 6.40s. Awesome 25 percent or so.

Played this a couple of times... Heh.. Such a good daily trade. Played this off the daily support ohh yahhh did I mention I called it from the .050s before it ran to .096. Netted a few grand out of this can't complain much. Good solid money maker.

I bought this in the .68s or so... boom we get 1.16 a few days later. Gave this out free once above .74s or sooo and look at that. Plenty of upside guys. Shewwwww killer 800k promo found early !! Nice one!

Killer alert... but I didn't profit from it as much as I should had. I had 130,000 shares as of Friday the week before and I got chickened out haha... Next thing I know I finally find the support and give it out to you guys and runs without me. Its been a bummer trade for me. I could have tripled my 13 grand... And I chickened out.. Hope you didn't though. What a bounce shewww. Good Job BullExchange!

I took a even out of LVVV and then SRGE gave me a hit. I alerted this .21s break to everybody this week, in the watchlists. I thought I made myself perfectly clear to buy some .21s... But the sad part about it, not making money on last 2 trades kind of messes up your future trades. Sooo it is really important the mental state you need to be to make the most out of your account.

PFNI alerted this in the .40s... Sadly I should of held on longer. Got out for $500 tops but I did buy it in the .40s.. Look at this one. 0.60s !! By the stockmarketauthority. Killer alert if I just held a bit.

SVEN I gave this to everybody away in the .16-.18s via Text Message. yes. I took money out of my account and did the Ethical thing to do and alerted it when I thought it was going to do great. .16s to .36. So much money out there. Aren't you glad you are a member of my newsletter?
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