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Stock Alerts

The Secret To Happiness Are Penny Stocks


My college article on penny stocks. Read more, click the picture above

Traveling The World And Trading Penny Stocks


I've been all around the world (twice - actually) Here are some of the Top Places I Traded Penny Stocks From

Recent Penny Stock Alerts My Trading Log Since 2010


I have been keeping a trading log since 2010

Vincent Up $100,00+ In Profits

My name is Vincent W. also known in chat by desertmod I was able to make $100,000 of PAYD's Calls thru-out a 2 year time period - proof his system does work. Thanks PAYD!

Eric Up Over $75,000

Meet Eric - He went from $2,500 to over $78,000 in just 2 weeks.  Here is his interview.


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